The demographic analytics page provides a breakdown of some high-level demographics for your store. It provides key metrics across the following areas:

  • Gender

  • Income levels

  • Education levels

  • Racial affinity

Important Note: Data in this page is based on gender predictions (from customer names) and estimates from the US Census. As such, this page will be most valuable for stores that have customers based in the US.


The first section on the page will provide you with a breakdown of sales by gender. These are estimated metrics based on the first names of your customers, however we find the results to be extremely accurate for stores whose customers are primarily based in the US.

The first chart will provide you with a breakdown of sales by gender over time, and the next section provides an overall breakdown of sales by gender, along with a detailed table view to provide a breakdown of key metrics like customer lifetime value, average order value, orders, etc by gender.

Income levels

The next section will provide you with an estimated breakdown of sales by income level. It's important to note that this data is estimated by combining data from the US Census and your customers' zip codes.

Education and racial affinity

The final section on the page is an estimate of the education levels and self-reported racial affinity characteristics of your customers. This data is estimated based on the US Census and zip codes from your customers orders.

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