The product analytics page on your Apteo account is one of the most comprehensive sources of information for which products your customers are buying, how they're buying them, in what order, in what combinations, and how all of that impacts your customer lifetime value.

The product analytics page contains metrics in the following categories:

  • Sales by product

  • Bundles

  • Collections and categories

  • Product journey

In the rest of this article, we will cover each of the metrics above. Please note that the product analytics page reflects metrics across a timeframe, which you can select at the top of the page. Please also note that all sales numbers for products, bundles, and collections are adjusted based on discounts.

Sales by product

At the top of the product analytics page, you'll get an overview of how your products are selling across time, as well as how those sales breakdown by product in the timeframe selected.

The donut chart will provide you with a breakdown of sales by your top products, and the table will provide additional metrics for each of your products, including units sold, average order value, customer lifetime value, and others.

By using this table view, you can quickly see which of your products are associated with the highest customer lifetime values for your store. You can use this information to create marketing campaigns to get customers to buy the products with the highest value to you.

Directly below these charts, you'll then see a breakdown of which products are purchased in which order across your customers.


In the next section, you'll find metrics on products that are frequently bought together, which our system refers to as bundles. The first row in the bundles section will provide you with your highest grossing bundles. The next row provides data on bundles that contain items that are purchased together more frequently than other items.

The next chart provides you with a breakdown of sales by bundle, and below that is a detailed table that contains additional information on bundles sold in your store.

Collections and categories

In the next section on the product analytics page, you'll find a breakdown of sales by collections (if you maintain them in your store). The horizontal bar chart will show you how much money each collection has driven for you, and the detailed table view will provide you the standard metrics you get across the other sections.

It's important to note that since a single product can be in multiple collections, your total sales across all collections may exceed the total sales from your store in the given time period.

Product journey

The final section on this page will be a product journey, which provides a breakdown of which products your customers bought in which sequence in your first, second, and third orders.

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