Why Segments Matter

Customers are bombarded with messages everywhere they look. They've become accustomed to ignoring, deleting, trashing, archiving, ignoring, and swiping away from anything that's not immediately relevant to them. That's why it's incredibly important to send tailored and personalized messages whenever you can. The more you personalize your marketing campaigns, the more likely you are to connect with a customer.

Segmentation is an effective way to group your customers together so it's easy to send relevant, personalized messages at scale. It's also a good way to understand how different groups of customers behave and how much of an impact each customer type makes on your business and its profitability.

That's why we've spent so much time focusing on creating actionable, relevant, and distinct segments of your customers. We believe that identifying and grouping your customers based on their behavior, characteristics, and demographics is the fastest way to effectively market to your customers, which can dramatically increase your customer lifetime value.

Creating Segments With Apteo

At Apteo, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to segment your customers. When you first connect your store, we automatically analyze your customers and create a variety of behavioral and descriptive segments based on various factors, including recency of purchase, spending patterns, loyalty, gender, and income. We also create segments based on products that customers are likely to be interested in certain products as cross-sales or repurchase opportunities.

In addition to the automatic segments that we provide, you can create your own segments by using our custom segments builder, which allows you to specify your own rules and conditions for your segment.

By combining multiple rules and segments, you can create segments that are extremely sophisticated, or you can keep things simple with just 1-2 conditions and identify key segments that you care about. Segments created by Apteo and segments created by conditions and rules are periodically updated throughout the day, so they'll always contain your latest customers.

In addition to creating rules that define your segments, you can upload a list of customers and create static segments that will remain consistent until you update them.

Viewing And Organizing Segments

You can view all of your segments by clicking on the "Segments" link in the navigation panel. On this page, you can also choose to include or exclude different segments based on their category.

Segments will be organized into the following categories:

  • Cross-sell recommendations: Segments of customers that are likely to buy a new product based on their previous purchases

  • Repurchase recommendations: Customers that are likely to repurchase a product that they have already purchased within the next 30 days

  • Custom segments: Segments that you create

  • Retain customers: Segments based on the recency of a customer's last purchase

  • Behavioral: Segments based on customer behavior

  • Demographics: Segments based on demographics

Marketing Based On Segments

You can use your segments to run marketing campaigns on or off Apteo. By synchronizing your segments with an external email or SMS provider, you can use your existing tools to send out targeted emails and SMS messages. You can also download segment members to a list and upload that list to a tool like Facebook in order to retarget them with ads.

If you'd like to run automated campaigns on Apteo, you can also do so using Apteo's automated cross-sale or repurchase campaigns.

If you'd like to download or sync your segments, you can do so using the controls towards the top right of the Segment Details page.

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