Cross-sale And Replenishment Recommendations

When an ecommerce store is connected to Apteo, our system analyzes all user behavior and identifies patterns and trends in customer behavior. As part of this analysis, Apteo also predicts which customers are likely to buy which products from your store and stores these as customer segments.

There are two types of these segments:

  1. Cross-sale segments: customers that are likely to buy a new product

  2. Replenishment segments: customers that are likely to buy the same product that they've already purchased again

You can use Apteo's automatic campaigns feature to set up automatic emails to your customers based on these segments. This article will outline how these campaigns work and how you can set them up for your own store.

Starting A New Campaign

In general, you can start a new campaign in one of two ways:

  1. Following a campaign recommendation that Apteo provides

  2. Creating and configuring a new campaign from scratch

Campaign Recommendations

Apteo will provide you with recommendations on which campaigns to run based on the customer segments and behaviors in your account. When a campaign recommendation exists, you'll see a banner for that recommendation on your Dashboard page, Campaigns page, and the Segment Details pages in your account.

When you start a new campaign by clicking on the New Campaign button from a recommendation, the system will pre-configure some of the setup steps for you based on the segment or product that was recommended.

Starting A New Campaign From Scratch

You can also start a new campaign from scratch by clicking on the "New Campaign" button on the Campaign page.

Configuring Campaigns

To start a new campaign, you'll need to set a few configuration settings that will help determine how your campaign is managed.


The first step is to provide a name for your campaign, this will be the name. This name won't be seen by any of your customers and is an internal name that you can use to refer to the campaign from your Apteo account.

Sender Information

Next, you'll need to create a "Sender" that will be used to send out your campaigns. To comply with regulations, you'll need to create a sender that is associated with a physical mailing address.

In order to verify your sender information, you'll be asked to input your contact details and then click a link in a follow up email, that email will be used to send your campaigns going forward.

Sending To

Next you'll need to specify who your campaign will be sent to. If you've started a campaign from a recommendation, this will already be filled in based on the recommendation that you selected, but if you have started an email from scratch, you'll need to select the segment that you want to message.

You'll have the option of selecting any segment that is based on a cross-sale or repurchase recommendation. You can also set up a single campaign where you let Apteo select the best recipient at any time, and our system will choose who to send an email to and with which product.


You can specify how often a single customer should receive an email from this campaign. If you select the option to let Apteo optimize this, then we'll optimize the email frequency for each customer in this campaign using A.I. Note that we'll never send an email to the same person across all your campaigns more than once a week.

You can also specify if you want us to wait a minimum amount of time until after a customer has made a purchase before we send them the first email in this campaign. This will allow all of your shipping and confirmation emails to go through before you start remarketing to them.

You can also specify how many times the customer will receive the same email from this campaign.

Please note that no matter what settings you specify for one campaign, we will ensure that the same user does not receive more than one email from you per week across all your campaigns.

Note: When it's time for us to send your customers an email, we'll analyze all campaigns that a customer is part of and choose the most optimal campaign for that customer.

Repurchase campaigns will take priority, as those have the highest likelihood of conversion. If a customer is not part of a repurchase campaign, we will then select the cross-sale campaign that is associated with the highest lift (lift is the increased probability of a product being purchased given a product that has already been purchased).

Email Content

At the bottom of the page, you'll have the ability to configure the content of the email itself. We'll start you off with some recommended text, but you can change this however you want.


You can use the following placeholders in your email content and they will be substituted with the correct values before your emails are sent:

  • [Recommended Product]

  • [Purchased Product]

  • [Customer First Name]


You can also set up a discount to be included in your email. You can choose to let Apteo manage your discounts for you, or you can provide a single discount to all customers.

If you let Apteo manage it for you, you can set a maximum dollar amount that you want us to use.

Previews And Test Emails

After you've set up your email, you can preview it to get a quick view of how it will look to your customer. You can also send a test email to any email you choose so that you can see how it will look when your email has been sent.

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