Campaign Type / Revenue Opportunities

Apteo identifies the products that a user is most likely to buy, either as a cross-sale opportunity, based on the other products and purchases they've made in the past, or repeat purchase opportunities, based on when they're likely to purchase a product again.

Initial Campaign Delay

Customers tend to receive several emails in the days following their initial purchase. This setting will allow you to delay sending promotional emails until some amount of time has passed since a customer made their most recent purchase.

Maximum Number Of Emails

Apteo's campaigns will send out emails to customers multiple times to maximize the chances that they will make a repeat purchase. This setting allows you to specify the maximum number of emails that a customer will get for a particular campaign.

One Email Every Three Days

In order to ensure your customers don't receive too many emails from us, we will limit all campaigns from your store to the same person to one email every three days.

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