Page Summary

This page provides you with a list of your store-wide recommendations for cross-sale and repeat-purchase product opportunities.

Recommendations Table

The main element on this page is the recommendations table, which lists out all of your product recommendations. Each recommendation is provided with a type (Cross Sell or Repeat Purchase), the number of customers that our system believes might buy the respective product, and the total potential sales for each recommendation.


At the top of the page, you'll see a few controls that will let you view your recommendations. The controls at the right will let you control the type of recommendation that's shown on the table, and the filter button at the top of the page will let you update the table to only the products that you select.

Seeing A Recommendation

When you click on a particular recommendation, you'll see a modal that provides additional information about the recommendation, including the reasons why our system believes the selected customers are likely to buy the recommended product in question.

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