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On this page, there are three main sections:

  1. Overview (sales, orders, and customer data)

  2. Retention (dormant customers, at-risk customers, repeat customers)

  3. Segments (key customer groups based on purchase behaviors)

This dashboard is basically a quick view into how your store is performing, and which key areas that you need to focus your attention on.

Orders and Customers Graph

Here you'll be able to toggle the graph to see two main things:

  1. All orders made within a specific period of time

  2. Total number of customers who made a purchase within a specific period of time

Hover your mouse over the graph to see the total order value or customers on that specific date. Additionally, we'll show you the growth rate in increments of your selected time period.

To toggle the graph between orders and customers, click on the drop-down menu in the top left.


To toggle the time period of the graph, click on the button in the bottom left to pull up a calendar. Here, you'll have two ways to select the time period:

  1. Select the dates manually on the left-hand side using the calendar if you'd like to choose specific dates, or go past one year's worth of data

  2. Select a pre-defined time period on the right-hand side, which will give you options to select time periods before today. For example, you can select "Last 30 Days", which will pull up the data from the trailing 30 days from today.


Customers Breakdown

This chart breaks down the total number of customers you've added in the last 7 days.


You can hover over the chart to see how many customers of the total were repeating customers (blue), or new customers (green). Alternatively, you can see the breakdown of the two at the bottom of the chart.



In this section, you will find three important graphs:

  1. Dormant Customers: Customers whose last purchase was long enough ago that they likely wouldn't come back on their own.

  2. At-Risk Customers: Active customers that are at risk of going dormant.

  3. Repeat Customers: Total number of returning customers who have made a purchase within the past 7 days.

Dormant Customers

At-Risk Customers

Repeat Customers


This section showcases five automatically generated customer segments based on buyer behaviors. We do all of the hard work, helping you understand and predict how your customers are going to buy.

Please refer to the Segments resource to learn more.

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